Our Market

JEVJOBS recruit across all aspects of industries from technical to software development, Courier Services to Financial Managers, Property to customer acquisition. And many many more.

Our Ethos

JEVJOBS was founded on the belief that recruitment could, and should, be done better. As

an agency, we refuse to work on a high volume / multi-agency contingency basis, where we believe best practice is so often compromised, and invariably leads to poor results, and a poor recruitment experience.

We place the balance of skills and experience with the perfect ‘cultural fit’ between company and candidate at the heart of what we do.

We rely on our commercial experience to get under the skin of our clients business requirements, and our acid test when presenting a candidate is always – if we were in the clients shoes and it was our business, would we hire this candidate ourselves?

Recent Searches

We have excellent success rates with hard-to-fill senior management, digital leadership & board-level appointments, and within transformation roles that help clients change the way they engage with customers, and the way they take their product or service to market.


Our Recruitment Services

Strategy & team build from the ground up

Helping clients to future-proof their recruiting needs of their business, whether that involves developing an infrastructure that can support sustainable growth, or building new teams from scratch to support new offerings or markets – we find our clients the best talent to transform their business.

Interim appointments

In periods of change, transition or growth, we can help clients secure expertise at short notice to bring stability to a client’s business, while we continue the search for a suitable long-term hire.

Retained Executive Search

Dedicated & exclusive, whole of market searches to identify the most suitable, and relevant candidates in the market. No matter how challenging the search, we will work round the clock to find the most exceptional candidates for our clients, anywhere in the world, to tight deadlines.

Case study: why retained means quality over quantity every time

At JEVJOBS we specialise in sourcing senior management, mid-level management appointments that will become game changers for our clients’ businesses. Retained search is often used where a pivotal role is required to help future-proof the recruiting needs of the business, transform it or accelerate its growth.

JEVJOBS perspective

The team at JEVJOBS have an enviable place at the top of the recruitment industry. Where almost all other agencies are quantitative based – with commission hungry recruiters only interested in putting large numbers of candidates forward, regardless of their suitability – JEVJOBS offer something different.

We are highly consultative, and create valuable insight into the DNA of our clients and their requirements, often challenging their original needs for the good of their business. They insisted on a face-to-face meeting, and it is refreshing that we thoroughly read our CVs, and gained an understanding of the candidates experience before we met.

Need help finding your next business critical hire?

Whether you have a senior role that’s proving difficult to fill, or you need advice determining what role is right for the next phase of your business growth, JEVJOBS can help.

Call us to find out more about our recruitment services.

Cape Town Office: 021 204 4790 or complete the form below and we will contact you.


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