How to evaluate candidates and gather interview comments?

Being a good interviewer means assessing candidates’ skills and potential properly. Good interviewers prepare well, ask the right interview questions and make efforts to combat their implicit biases.

Structured interviews help you achieve these goals and are the most effective and legally-defensible interview format. Unlike unstructured, spontaneous interviews which have no agenda, structured interviews help you evaluate candidates more objectively and result in better hires.

There are four main steps to structure interviews:

  1. Determine which specific skills the role you’re hiring for demands.
  2. Prepare interview questions that assess candidates against these skills.
  3. Construct a rating scale to grade candidates’ answers (e.g. “poor” to “excellent.”)
  4. Ask the same questions in the same order to all candidates and rate them with your predetermined scale.

Through this process, you can conduct structured interviews that will help you make fairer and better hiring decisions.



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