The Recruiting Team of the Future: Who Do You Need?

Teamwork is at the core of the natural world. Without it, many species wouldn’t be able to survive

Recruitment in Cape Town

And it’s essential in sports. (It’s pretty easy to work out which team the commentators are rooting for…)

Successful recruiting is a team effort. Recruiting is changing fast, and the recruiting team you have in place right now might not the one that you’ll have in a couple of years time.

Right now many recruiting teams are “full cycle” meaning that each recruiter is responsible for the entire process from the first touch to offer acceptance.

With branding and marketing becoming more and more important to success, recruiting teams at JEVJOBS are adapting. We expect increasing specialisation and the growth of a few new roles within the talent department.

Here’s is how JEVJOBS recruiting team of the future will look like:

These are the 5 core areas in which we find crucial to recruiting success.

Recruitment in Cape Town


Sourcing is becoming an essential part of the makeup of most recruiting teams, in fact, the majority of recruiters believe sourcing will be the most effective source of hire in 2017.

While most candidates (70%) are not actively looking for employment, around 55% of passive candidates would be open to hearing more about your opportunities. This means JEVJOBS is proactive, finding and engaging the right talent, not just waiting for them to apply.

Recruitment in Cape Town

Key responsibilities

Finding and engaging candidates that are a great fit for the organisation. “Finding” talent is becoming easier thanks to the plethora of sourcing tools and extensions, so we see a source’s prime challenge being around engaging candidates and getting them interested.

Part of the team will focus on immediate needs and open roles, while others will focus more on future roles, adding passive candidates to talent pools where they can be nurtured for the future.

Recruitment in Cape Town

Recruitment Marketing

“Recruitment has shifted from a “sales” focus to a “marketing focus” today. Companies that create a compelling, authentic employment brand, communicate their values and mission, and clearly articulate the nature of their workplace are winning out in their recruitment efforts. – Josh Bersin, Analyst

Increasingly, the candidate journey starts long before someone is ready to “click” apply.

JEVJOBS engage with people before the application to convince them that our client`s organisation is the right fit. They can’t be relied on to figure it out all by themselves.

This is where Recruitment Marketing comes in. It’s a comprehensive approach that companies can use to attract, engage and ultimately convert people who have never heard of your company into enthusiastic applicants.

JEVJOBS works closely with the employer branding and sourcing teams to build a pipeline of candidates for open and future roles and keep them warm with targeted content.

Recruitment in Cape Town

Key responsibilities

Managing any advertising spend, nurturing leads that aren’t ready to apply with email campaigns and ensuring that a company has a pipeline of candidates available for future roles.

Recruitment in Cape Town

Employer Branding

“In recruiting today, it’s not only recruiters who are doing the research. With 85% of job searches starting with a search engine, top talent is searching for a company the same way they would any other purchasing decision – which is why employer branding is so critical.” – Matt Charney, Editor at Recruiting Daily

The key point is this: people expect the same experience with talent brands that they’re used to with consumer brands. Consumer branding is very sophisticated, so it’s no surprise then that employer branding ranks as the top investment priority for talent teams in 2017.

Many companies already have a Head of Employer Branding role – we expect the role to become more important in the coming years.


Working with all stakeholders to make sure that all recruiting solutions are meeting business expectations, and making sure that everything is integrated and firing effectively.


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