Call out fee:  R100.00 within 20km radius and R2.50 per km further than 20km from our office in Blouberg

Pricing Quotation Search Name Pricing per test Pricing per 10 tests or more Pricing per 25 tests or more Pricing per 50 tests or more
Criminal Record – Illicit Activity Check 1 R150.00 R110.00 R95.00 R80.00 R120.00
Criminal Record – Manual 91A Form R394.00 R394.00
Credit Bureau Report – TransUnion(Individual) R75.00 R70.00 R63.00 R55.00 R70.00
Credit Bureau Report – Experian(Individual) R75.00 R70.00 R63.00 R55.00 R70.00
Matric (South Africa – Dep of Education) Pre 1992 R160.00 R150.00 R135.00 R125.00 R240.00
Matric (South Africa – Umalusi) Post 1992 R135.00 R120.00 R110.00 R100.00 R145.00
Umalusi Other R145.00 R145.00
N Level Qualifications R134.00 R115.00 R105.00 R95.00 R134.00
Academic Qualification (South Africa) 2 R136.95 R85.00 R80.00 R75.00 R136.95
Academic Qualification (South Africa – QVS) R175.00 R175.00
Academic Qualification (Sub-Saharan Africa) 3 R393.36 R393.36
Academic Qualifications (Global) 3 R350.00 R603.20
Employment History (South Africa) R96.00 R96.20
Employment History Character Reference (South Africa) R189.00 R189.40
Employment History (Global) R495.00 R495.40
ID Verification and Validation R40.00 R36.00 R33.00 R30.00 R36.45
ID Verification and Fraud Listing R107.80 R107.80
Drivers Licence R75.00 R124.50
Professional Driving Permit(PrDP) R75.00 R129.40
Fit & Proper Screening R36.50 R364.45
Bank Verification R45.00 R45.15
Consumer Good Council (CGC) R62.00 R62.20
Citizenship R227.30 R227.30
Permanent Residency R136.95 R136.95
Professional Association Membership (South Africa) R65.55 R65.55
Professional Association Membership (United Kingdom) R667.25 R667.25
Rapid Personality Questionnaire (RPQ) R2243.50 R2243.50
Business Credit Check – Scan On File R364.20 R364.20
Director/Member R61.20 R61.20