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    This agreement is entered into between you the company or person herein after referred to as “The Client” and Jev Job Solutions (Pty) Ltd for the introduction of suitable candidate for positions within your Company. Requesting an interview with a candidate submitted by Jev Job Solutions (Pty) Ltd is taken as acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Business and shall constitute an introduction. Our fee is based on the Introduction of possible candidates for the position and becomes payable as soon as a candidate introduced by us, accepts an offer of employment. If the Client employs a candidate within 12 months from date of introduction, for this position, this agreement is automatically applicable, in the event that the Client is introduced to the candidate by another party or approached by the candidate, the Client shall notify Jev Job Solutions (Pty) Ltd as to settle of any claim between Jev Job Solutions (Pty) Ltd and such other party, notwithstanding that the candidate may previously have been rejected or have declined an offer, for whatever reason. If the Client forwards the details of a candidate, introduced by Jev Job Solutions (Pty) Ltd to the Client, to any associated company or third party who, in turn, employs the candidate, then the Client shall be liable to pay the relevant placement fee as if the Client himself employed the candidate. We undertake to treat as confidential all Client information which is not a matter of public knowledge, except information that, with the Client’s agreement, is disclosed to candidates in execution of an assignment. Candidates submitted are those who, in our opinion, conform to the agreed specification. Recommendations are made in good faith and on the basis of information available at the time. Confidentiality regarding candidates and their employers should be observed at all times. We give a firm assurance to all candidates that references will not be taken up, nor present employers contacted, without their express permission. References and credit checks will be undertaken and paid for by Jev Job Solutions (Pty) Ltd when the Client has interviewed the candidate and wishes to pursue the application further. (Financial Positions only) Warranties cannot be given and we accept no responsibility for third party references. Furthermore we are not responsible for any losses of a consequential nature. Our reference and credit checks seek to mitigate loss. FEE STRUCTURE: The fee payable to Jev Job Solutions (Pty) Ltd by the Client for an Introduction resulting in an Engagement is 12.5% on the first years’ salary (CTC) (Including temp positions). The Client Agrees to pay Jev Job Solutions (Pty) Ltd, 7 days after starting date of applicant. Please note there will be an annual market related increase on the anniversary of this agreement. GUARANTEE: Fees are not refundable, but in the event that the appointed candidate leaves the Clients employment within 3 months for reasons other than retrenchment, unfair dismissal, ill health or a change in employment terms, (Excluding temporary positions) Jev Job Solutions (Pty) Ltd undertakes to seek further candidates free of charge. Jev Job Solutions (Pty) Ltd must be given the opportunity to replace the candidate within two months. In the event of Jev Job Solutions (Pty) Ltd being unable to find a suitable replacement, a credit will be given 50% of fees paid. The guarantee will be valid for 3 months from employment date. The guarantee is validated by payment of the full fee within 7 days of receiving a written invoice after the candidate commences employment.