Service offering includes: Tracing, contacting and verifying new and current employees details, obtaining credit check, criminal, ID verification, fraud search, qualification verification, employment verification and confirmation.We live in a fast pace digital word in which contact information is constantly changing. Information, which could be relied upon yesterday, is not necessarily accurate today. Residential and postal addresses, email addresses, cell phone numbers, and landlines are becoming unreliable, forcing companies to rethink their tracking and verification strategies.

Our advance pre-employment and background screening solution and is arguably one of the essential tools in human resource management and staff management today. We able to verify the personal details of a potential employee or candidate prior to offering employment, as well as verify any info you require for current employees. By improving transparency and disclosure, informed decisions can be made regarding one of the most important assets of an organization, its employees.

Our service is used by many organisations as evidence of information supplied to a business. A client who requires a new or existing employee which details needs to be verified be it qualifications to accurate credit checks all that is needed is information of the new or existing employee. Access to the service is a small fee and the service will help you to ensure that anyone who works for your business meets all the requirements.

Verifications offered by RefCheck Advanced

  • Credit Checks
  • Criminal Checks
  • ID Verification and Validation
  • Fraud Listing
  • Drivers Licence Check
  • Professional Drivers Permit
  • Matric Qualification Verification
  • Tertiary Qualification Verification
  • African Qualification Verification
  • Global Qualification Verification
  • Employment History
  • Professional Association Membership
  • Citizenship
  • Permanent Residency
  • Fit and Proper Check
  • Consumer Goods Council
  • Rapid Personality Questionnaire
  • Business Background Check
  • Bank Verification Check

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